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Role of ISF website for the APSN

The Information Sharing Framework (ISF) is “a communication platform for experts to exchange nonproliferation and safeguards relevant information in a structured manner”. Use of the ISF is expected to facilitate information sharing among APSN professionals through establishing and demonstrating a mechanism for sustainable and systematic information sharing responding to their needs.

Information Sharing Scheme

As explained in the Transparency study of JAEA (4) on this website, the comprehensive requirements for ISF were defined. Based on the achievements, JAEA is moving to the “practical stage” of transparency implementation as the next step: develop the ISF following the defined requirements and initiate information sharing with other Track II (non-governmental, professions) experts. As shown in Fig. 1,

Fig.1 Information Sharing Scheme
- Fig. 1 Information Sharing Scheme -

Once ISF demonstrates its value, this effort is expected to be expanded by inviting other APSN members as information providers in the future.

Category of Information in this website

JAEA shares these kinds of information in the ISF website:

Audience Organizations

APSN members who are interested in browsing and downloading information and are invited to use the ISF.

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We appreciate the information on good practice for safeguards that is available on the APSN website.

[1] Y. Kawakubo et al. “Development of Information Sharing Requirements for Regional Nuclear Transparency”, Proceedings of the 54th INMM Annual Meeting, USA 2013

[2] APSN (Asia-Pacific Safeguards Network) website: http://www.apsn-safeguards.org/